"A Halloween Story" originally aired on October 5, 1996 and is the first Halloween episode of the comic book-based sitcom Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


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The Spellman's go to the party.

When she's forced to attend a family affair on Halloween, Sabrina sends a clone to Harvey's party, where the simple-minded stand-in (who can only speak three sentences) agrees to streak naked in order to liven up the festivities, on the request of Libby. Meanwhile, the real Sabrina desperately tries to ditch her relatives: her obnoxiously snobby cousin Marigold and her brat of a daughter, Amanda, whose hobby is putting people who make her mad into jars.


Actor Role
Melissa Joan Hart Sabrina Spellman
Caroline Rhea Hilda Spellman
Beth Broderick Zelda Spellman
Nate Richert Harvey Kinkle
Jenna Leigh Green Libby Chessler
Michelle Beaudoin Jennifer "Jenny" Kelley (credit only)
Paul Feig Mr. Eugene Pool (credit only)
Nick Bakay Salem Saberhagen (voice)
Sally Jessy Raphael Herself (as Sally Jessy Raphaël)
Emily Hart Amanda
Diane McBain Granny
Linda Kash M'Lady (voice)
Robin Riker Marigold
Jay Kogen Mr. Altree
Phillip Glasser James Dean 2

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