"Ghostly Gala" is the second Halloween episode of the Disney Junior series Sofia the First, which aired on October 3, 2014.


Its Halloween in the kingdom of Enchancia and Sofia is preparing the castle for her scary Halloween party, when unexpectedly strange things begin to happen, Doors knocking when no one is there and candle lights blowing out by themselves. Sofia soon finds out the one responsible is a ghost known as Sir Reginald Dexter Sircliff IV (also simply known as Sir Dax) who is trying to scare everyone out of the castle so he can host his Ghostly Gala for all the ghosts who will visit the castle tonight. Unfortunately, Sofia's party is on the same night as Sir Dax's gala and determined to stop him from ruining her party, Sofia intervenes with all of Sir Dax's attempts to scare everyone out of the castle, claiming its all but Halloween tricks she has put up.

Meanwhile Clover meets a bat ghost named Boo and learns from him that Sir Dax only gets to see is friends and family every one hundred years on Halloween night and if he doesn't get to host his Gala before midnight he will never get to see them for another century. Clover tries to convince Sir Dax to talk to Sofia but he doesn't listen and proceeds with his plans in scaring everyone away.

When Sofia meddles in his attempt to scare Amber, Sir Dax decides to take things a little too far by allowing bats into the ballroom, scaring everyone away. Despite being successful, he is unable to get rid of the bats. Both Sir Dax and Sofia can no longer have their parties with bats flying around in the ballroom. When Clover explains Sir Dax's true reasons for scaring everyone away, Sofia now feels sorry for the ghost and decides to help him host his Ghostly Gala. Together they manage to scare away the bats and in gratitude for her help, Sir Dax comes up with a plan for both of them to have both their parties.

In the end Sofia hosts her Halloween party along with Sir Dax's Ghostly Gala where everyone thinks all the ghosts are just another one of Sofia's Halloween tricks.