The Grand Pumpkin is a giant pumpkin which appears in all the pumpkin patches in the world on Halloween and brings candy to kids who truly believe in him. Bart claims to have made him up to mess with Milhouse, but his big childlike belief brought the Grand Pumpkin to life. When the Grand Pumpkin learned people cut pumpkins on Halloween to make funny faces, and make pumpkin bread out of them, he got mad and started to eat all humans. He is also racist, as Nelson threatened a yellow pumpkin in order to dissuade the Grand Pumpkin from eating him, causing the Grand Pumpkin to tell him to do it as he doesn't care for yellow pumpkins. He also claims that all pumpkins are racist and the only difference is that he admits it. He was defeated by a giant turkey who also came to life because of Milhouse's beliefs.

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