"Halloween Spirits" is the Halloween episode of the Disney Channel animated series The Replacements.


When Riley and Todd learn that a call to Fleemco did not replace their neighbors the Kelpmans, they fear that their neighbors had turned into zombies and plan to do the same to trick-or-treaters.


Voice actor Character(s)
Nancy Cartwright Todd Daring
Grey DeLisle Riley Daring
Buzz Winters
Kath Soucie Agent K
Daran Norris Dick Daring
Jeff Bennett Conrad Fleem
Shelton Klutzberry
Mr. Winters
Mr. Kelpman
David McCallum C.A.R.
Chip Chinery 1950's Filmstrip Narrator
Erica Hubbard Abbey
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Mrs. Kelpman
Candi Milo Hakobo
Lauren Tom Tasumi

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