"Halloween With Hades" is the first of two Halloween-themed episodes of the Disney animated series House of Mouse. It was originally aired on Toon Disney's New For You! Show on October 3, 2003.


When Hades' amorous advances are rebuffed by Maleficent, he turns to Mickey to learn how to win her heart.

Featured cartoonsEdit


Voice actor Character
Wayne Allwine Mickey Mouse
Tony Anselmo Donald Duck
Louise Chamis Witch
Bill Farmer Goofy
Jonathan Freeman Jafar
Bobcat Goldthwait Pain
Tress MacNeille Daisy Duck
The Fates
Mark Moseley Mushu
Lois Nettleton Maleficent
Rod Roddy Mike
Will Ryan Willie the Giant
Russi Taylor Minnie Mouse
Frank Welker Additional Voices
Richard White Gaston
James Woods Hades
Robby Benson Beast
Matt Frewer Panic
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