"The Ghost of Suite 613" is the 19th episode of the first season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Zack and Cody hear a rumor that says there is a ghost in suite 613. Along with Maddie, London, and Esteban, the twins go to suite 613 to spend the night.


After Zack shows how much he enjoys scaring Cody, London shares with them a secret about a ghost in suite number 613. Zack is anxious to see the ghost, but Cody is scared. Once London says she accidentally left a thousand dollars in the suite, however, everyone, including Maddie and London, rush to the elevator. On their way up, they meet Muriel, who lets them into the suite, and tells them that the ghost's name is Irene, and she was beautiful and rich. She says, in 1942, Irene and her husband checked into the suite, but the next day, her husband left to go fight in World War II, and left Irene for an Italian woman (they opened up a pizza parlor in Naples). When she shattered a mirror in anger, a loose shard hit and killed her.

The crew finally arrive in suite 613, where Irene's picture is still up on the wall, as well as a few gargoyle statues and the broken mirror. Maddie finds the purse London left, but the money isn't in it; after this, Mr. Moseby shows up and tells the kids they're making too much noise, and orders them out. After a bit of convincing, he tells them he once encountered her, when he was first a bellhop at the hotel. After this conversation, Zack pops up and scares everyone again, acting as a ghost. Zack, knowing Cody was incredibly scared, bets him five dollars he can't spend the night in suite 613. Carey agrees to it, as long as Maddie and London go, too.

During the course of the night, Arwin arrives and detects paranormal activity in the room, while Esteban comes and holds a seance, where he attempts to channel Irene's spirit. During the seance, she takes Maddie for her love of pizza, Cody since he doesn't have his blanket, and London because of her thousand dollars. This freaks Zack out, who tries to escape the room, only to find out that it was a prank, pulled by everyone else in the room.

However, at the end of the episode, Zack and Cody see a real ghost, named Irene, in suite 613. Despite this, the ghost they encounter turns out to be friendly, and returns Cody's blanket.


  • Zack: Well, I want to see the ghost, so I dare you spend a night with me in suite 613. Five bucks say you run out first.
    • Cody: I'll take that bet, but Mom will never let us do it.
    • Carey: (walks in) Darn right, I won't. Do what?
    • Zack: Camp out the night in suite 613.
    • Cody: Otherwise known as the haunted room.
    • Carey: Well...
    • Cody: (interrupts) So that's a no. We accept your wise and carefully-considered decision.
  • Zack: You just don't want to go because you're chicken.
    • Cody: She said no, and no means no, mister. Don't make her say again.
    • Zack: (Imitates a chicken.)
    • Carey: Zack, no brother clucking.
    • Zack: So, can we go?
    • Carey: I don't think so.
    • Zack: What if we got Maddie and London to stay with us?
    • Carey: Well, I guess that would be okay.
    • Cody: You know you don't have to give in. What kind of mother are you?
  • Carey: Now, Cody, you do whatever you want. But you guys know perfectly well that there's no such things as ghosts. Although if there were, my mother-in-law would still be haunting me.
  • Zack: You guys are mean!
    • Maddie: Sorry Zack, but you did so many practical jokes on us. We just wanted to show you how it feels.
    • Esteban: Like the gassy noises. Most of which were not mine.
    • London: Yeah! And the fake love letter from Orlando Bloom. He took out a restraining order against me.
    • Zack: I didn't send you any letter!
    • Maddie: (Giggling) Okay, that was me.
  • Esteban: Spirit, hear me! I'm calling you! (hums)
    • London: What's going on?
    • Esteban: I'm on hold.


  • This episode was never aired in the UK or Poland because of the themes.
  • Suite 613 is an allusion to the idea that the numbers 6 and 13 are usually considered unlucky or evil numbers.
  • When Esteban says "She's here!" in the weird high voice, it's referring to the Poltergeist movies. In Poltergeist, the little girl says "They're here!" in a high voice, and in Poltergeist II: The Other Side, she says "They're back!" in a high voice.


  • When Zack, Cody, and the others hear a noise, Cody tries to jump into London's arms but falls to the ground. When Mr. Moseby comes in, Cody is upright, squeezing onto London.