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Lousy treehouse. Every year, three scary stories! Two of them good, and a lame one in the middle! I'll put an end to that.

— Homer lampshading how long the series has been running

"Treehouse of Horror XXXII" is the 33rd Halloween episode of The Simpsons, and the second episode of the show's 33rd season. It premiered on October 10, 2021.



In a parody of the film Bambi, a young deer named Barti (played by Bart) and his mother (Marge) are chased by a hunter, Mr. Burns. After running in a cave, Barti finds out his mother never made it. Going back through the forest he meets Mr. Burns, asking where his mother is, but she appears, reassuring him that his father (Homer) saved her, stabbing Mr. Burns with Lenny and they start eating Mr. Burns.

Bong Joon Ho's This Side of Parasite

In a parody of the 2019 South Korean film Template:W2, the Simpsons live in a squallid basement apartment, full of water, and with pizza boxes everywhere, but their life changes as Bart get hired at Rainer Wolfcastle's manor as a tutor.

A few days later, Bart is badly teaching Greta Wolfcastle math, when he switches on tv to watch The Itchy & Scratchy Show episode D'oh Piercer. Meanwhile, Wolfcastle is reviewing Kirk when he finds him not suitable anymore, so Bart proposes him to hire his family instead, as he's leaving for vacation.

As the family is enjoying the life of living in a rich person's house, Kirk comes back asking to let him in, and when Marge lets he in, he runs to the kitchen and reveals a hidden door to the basement, where he hid his family. A fight starts between them and the other parasites that were present in the basement, other Springfielders in the same situation and in the end most of the people are dead, while the Simpson family are the one standing living in the house.

Nightmare on Elm Tree

In a parody of the film A Nightmare on Elm Street, Bart starts telling stories to Lisa and Maggie, scaring them into their parents' room, where they were having a passionate moment. Tired of the scary tales told by Bart, Homer tries to put an end to that, starting to cut the treehouse's tree, however getting tired and started sleeping under the tree.

A thunder strikes the tree, making it come to life, kicking Homer against the tree, while making its way to a drive-in, where he sees people watching Groot in "Guardians of the Galaxy", laughing at him. He picks people up and throw them away before reaching a tree farm, where he finds what happens to the trees in there, making them come to life by touching them. The trees start getting their revenge, killing people in the town, using their weaknesses, like pollen, celebrating their win by dancing around the former statue of Jebediah Springfield.

Poetic Interlude

A voice reads "The Telltale Bart" to Maggie. In January, Bart put earthworms in Homer's waffles. In February, he catfished Mrs. Krabappel on Tinder. In March, he ruined the school's playground. In April, he took nudes of his butt on the photocopier. In May, he stole Skinner's car and drove over the pole kids were dancing around on. In June, he took a sip of his first beer. In July, he cuts the heads of Lisa's Malibu Stacy dolls.

In August, he tries and fails to torture a turtle with the sun. In September, he spent the whole month in detention writing "I hate rhyming couplets" on the blackboard. In October, he ate Halloween candies till he was green. In November, on Thanksgiving day, he cuts the heads of the family at dinner. Before the narrator could tell what he did in December, however, Maggie strangles him, before climbing in bed to sleep.

Dead Ringer

In a parody of the film series The Ring, the kids at Springfield Elementary reveal to Lisa they had a party without inviting her, but all that watched a TikTok video there died in a week. Sherri and Terri dies first, then Milhouse. Bart didn't watch it but invites Lisa to watch it. To stop this, Lisa and Bart have someone not afraid of death, Grampa watch it instead.

Afterwards they go to Skinner but he's not much help, till Groundskeeper Willie invites them to go with him to his shack, to tell the story of Mopey Mary, which upon receiving a box full of rabbit poop, went to the well in the school yard and threw herself in. Seven days later he found the body but covered the well so nobody would find it, and says that her spirit still lurks in the video.

Lisa masters up the courage to watch the video and invites the mysterious killer on the phone to get there and kill her now, so through the tv comes Mary, and she gives her a valentine and invites her to be friends. At the school yard however when she starts playing the saxophone, Mary falls herself down the well to not hear it ever again, while Kang and Kodos appear, wondering why they always appear at the end.


  • One of the trees from Nightmare on Elm Street appears as Willie takes Bart and Lisa to his shack.

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